Favourite 5 coffee + places East london

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I love coffee.  I have one precious cup a day, so it has to be REALLY good. Luckily, we are spoilt for coffee choice in East London.  These are my favourite cafes, all of which serve excellent coffee, and all of which offer something a bit extra too. 1 White Mulberries + St Katherine Docks… Read more »

Favourite 5: Shoreditch Street Art

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I love art, and I’m very fond of Shoreditch. I know it is often mocked nowadays, but I’ve always found it’s hipster obsessions rather endearing. I knew that there was high quality graffiti in the area. But, when on a recent walking art tour of Shoreditch – which I can’t recommend highly enough – my eyes were opened… Read more »

Favourite 5 Royalty-Free Photography Sites

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Here are my favourite five photography websites where you can source photos for your website (warning: browsing these websites can waste many hours of your time…): These websites all publish photographs that are licensed under Creative Common Zero, which means that you can copy, modify, distribute and publish the images for free.  You don’t need… Read more »

What is a Content Management System?

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A Content Management System, often referred to as CMS for short, is a system for managing the content on a website.  Usually set up when a website is designed, the website owner can then edit existing content or add new content to a live site. Without a CMS, you are dependent on your website designer to… Read more »

Favourite Five: Galleries in London

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These are my favourite five buildings that are also galleries, in the loosest sense. All the galleries work as beautiful spaces to visit in their own right, and include some exemplary design. All can be transformed as needs change either over time or for different exhibitions, showing that the best design functions well too. 1 Tower… Read more »

What is Mobile First?

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Mobile First means that a website design starts with how the website will look on a mobile, then adding extra content as the screen size increases. Mobile First is in contrast to a “Desktop-Lite” website, which starts with a website designed for a desktop screen and then cuts content which doesn’t work on a phone. The majority… Read more »

What is a responsive website?

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A responsive website adapts the look and content of the site for different screen sizes. When smart phones first appeared, companies adjusted to the new screen size by making new separate websites for mobiles. They worked, and looked fine, but they were inefficient and expensive to design, and needed to be updated separately. Then Ethan Marcotte… Read more »

Why is Bauhaus still so influential today?

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The Bauhaus school was the most important influence on graphic design in the twentieth century. Quick bit of history. The Bauhaus school was founded by the architect Marcel Gropius in 1919.  It moved from Weimar to its purpose-built home in Dessau in 1924, before being forced to close its doors by the Nazis in 1933. The… Read more »

How much does a website cost?

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How much does a website cost? Less than a house. In other words, it depends on the website, just as the cost of a house depends on how many bedrooms, location, age, and so on. A single page website with basic contact details and a couple of photos is a very different beast to an… Read more »

How do I get a website designed?

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Getting a website designed can seem quite intimidating. But it’s actually really easy. Step 1: Choose a Designer Look at websites you like, and see who has designed it – you’ll often find this information in the footer.  A good website design agency will have details of the websites they have done on their own website,… Read more »