WordPress Plugins: my Favourite 6

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WordPress Plugins are the beating heart of a WordPress website. Thousands upon thousands of WordPress Plugins are out there, so it takes time to focus in on the ones that really help. Plugins can sometimes conflict with the core WordPress code or with each other, but most of the developers are very good at offering… Read more »

Seven Reasons to have your Own Website

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Why do you need your own website? You might already have a presence on Social Media, and sell your goods and services via Facebook or Instagram. Or you might have a shop, which your customers walk past. But nowadays that’s not enough. Your own website is an essential tool for any business, however small. Here’s… Read more »

Website Updating: 7 reasons to do this regularly

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Launching a lovely sparkling new website is not the end of the journey – it’s really just the beginning. Website updating is the ongoing journey. I think of my website like a garden – it needs freshening up in the different seasons, weeds need to be pulled out, and sometimes it needs a heavy prune.… Read more »

My Website Designer Journey

Penny Badowska of Green Ginger Design

When I was at school and was asked what I wanted to be, I said an architect. (Website Designer didn’t exist….) I loved buildings – so it seemed the obvious thing. But no. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn’t good enough at art to do art A Level, and therefore that… Read more »

London’s Autumn Exhibitions: Top 5 Picks

London's Autumn Exhibitions

Art lovers: we have some serious treats in store with London’s Autumn Exhibitions. London top galleries have pulled out all the stops, with blockbusters to appeal to all ages. This is my pick of the exhibitions over the next few months.   1 Basquiat: Boom for Real – Barbican Any exhibition that is celebrated with… Read more »

5 Website Builders Reviewed

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Website builders are a great starting point for a business or personal site. You might not have the budget to invest in a bespoke site straight away, or you might like the challenge of designing a site yourself – that’s how I discovered the joys of website design! The range of options out there can… Read more »

An ABC of Website Jargon – Part 1

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Website jargon is bandied around all too readily. Here is Part 1 of my ABC of the most common Website Jargon. And I’ve included tips about how to maximise your website’s potential. Above the Fold All the content that is visible when you first land on the page. The phrases comes from newspapers, when the… Read more »

Design ID: How to combine Colour and Typography

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What is your brand’s Design ID? Do you have a clear identity? Does your brand express this identity? Colour is a brilliant, immediate way to express you and your brand, and the starting point of your Design ID. “Up to 85% of someone’s initial perception of your brand is down to the colour alone.” – Karen… Read more »

Choosing Typefaces: 5 Top Tips

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Choosing typefaces for your website can be daunting.  But the choice you make matters. It needs to reflect the style of product or service you are selling, as well as being clear and readable on any size screen. Here are my top tips to get you started: 1 Choose the same family If you want to guarantee… Read more »

New Website Design

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I have spent the last few months working on a website re-design for my own business, Green Ginger Design. I want to share, here, the thought processes behind the changes. As a website designer and coder, this is my shop window. So it’s crucial that it the website re-design sells my design style. Website re-design: brand… Read more »