Seven Reasons to have your Own Website

Graphic for blog on 7 reasons to have your own website

Why do you need your own website? You might already have a presence on Social Media, and sell your goods and services via Facebook or Instagram. Or you might have a shop, which your customers walk past. But nowadays that’s not enough.

Your own website is an essential tool for any business, however small. Here’s seven reasons why.

1 Control your Destiny

Have a blog on your own website. If you already have a hosted blog – on LinkedIn or Medium, for example – the traffic to the website where your blog is read is credited to the host, not to you. A blog that is integrated in your website ensures that the traffic that you get, when people read your blog, is recognised as being on your website.

2 Sell your Goods and Services online

Your own website is a virtual shop for your goods and services. Where do you look when you want to find a plumber or fancy a new orange lamp? Google it! (Other search engines are available.) Again, it doesn’t have to be a complex site. If you are starting a business – say, selling Social Media services – a Single Page Website will be enough to detail the services you offer, and how to get in touch. As your goods or services expand, so can your website. It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles – although you can always add those later…

3 Have your own email address

If you have a website, you need a Domain Name. (More detailed information in my blog here.) If you own your own Domain Name – mine is – you can have an email to match. Again, mine is  With Zoho mail, you can have up to 25 email addresses for free.  It looks much more professional. It cleans up your Inbox, too.

4 Local Businesses

Too many local businesses think that a website isn’t for them. In fact, local searches send 50% of mobile users to a local business within on day.  If nothing else, have your address and opening times on your website. Your customers will appreciate it.

5 Credibility

If you are talking to potential clients, collaborators, investors, being able to show your own website gives you credibility. If you were going to work with someone, wouldn’t you check out someone’s website first? And if you’re asking other people to take your business seriously, show that you take yourself seriously too.

6 Visualise your style

Your own website is a chance to sell your style, as well as your substance. What does your brand say about you? Fun, informal, cheeky? Or serious, professional, dependable? The colours, typefaces and content you put on your own website will convey immediately what your brand is. Put serious thought into what your brand identity is, and choose your content to match.

7 You’ll never complain about having nothing to do again

Once you have your own website, those hours of wondering what you can do with yourself will disappear as you will be regularly adding new content to keep the Search Engine monsters happy….

Do you have your own website? Does it work for you? Or are you still nervous about getting one?

Read my blog reviewing five of the most popular website builders. And this blog explains the process how to get a website designed. Or get in touch if you’d like me to work with you on your own website.