Has your business outgrown your website?

Maybe you built your first website with a Website Builder, and now want that bit more. Or maybe a family friend helped you out with a quick design, but it’s no longer up to scratch for your burgeoning business. 

I’m here for you.

I design and code bespoke websites. Guaranteed to be fully designed and coded by me. And a guaranteed Fixed Price. No hidden extras or unpredictable hourly rates.

And because I get really really deeply engaged in every bespoke website I design, poring over code and layout hour after hour, I take on only a couple of websites at a time. That means that you get my dedication to your website, and I can absorb myself in what I love.

Win Win.

But hold on. Are you a bit nervous about what to do next? Flummoxed about filling in a Design Brief? Intimidated by tech terminology?

I’m here for you – again.

Because I came to website design relatively recently, I can understand how confusing it can be to anyone trying to get to grips with language like SEO, CMS, UX.

So I will explain all stages in the website process, from the first design through to the live site. And, when your website is ready to go, I will send you personalised tailored videos, explaining exactly how to keep your website beautifully updated.

Here’s a full explanation of how I would design your bespoke website.


My journey so far

I took some time to get to where I am now. I studied Art History (which means I know a thing or two about colour), I worked as a book editor (that ticks the grammar geek box) and eventually, in my 30s, I took the huge leap and trained as an architect – you can see my designs, including an award-winning eco-house, here.

Architecture training is the best and most rigorous training for a designer.

I not only learnt about colour, shape, texture. I also learnt how to tackle complex design issues, navigate spaces, manipulate ideas into practical solutions. All of which applies to making websites function effectively.

And then I discovered Coding. And it was Love At First Sight.  

I started designing Squarespace websites, which are brilliant as a starting point. (If you are a new business, I recommend using them yourself.)

But I wanted to delve deeper into code, so now code exclusively WordPress websites. (This explains why.) Exclusively Bespoke WordPress Websites. My knowledge of PHP, CSS, SaSS, HTML and JQuery means that I can build websites tailored specifically to your business. You’re the expert on your business. I am the expert on website design. Not only can I decide what a website looks like, I can make it behave how I want it to as well.  Like many website designers, I am self-taught. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t learn some new tip or trick. Want something special on your website? Ask me! ( I love a challenge.)

I love writing about design, art and websites, too.

Take a look at my latest blog.

I also have a rather large and very soft spot for Instagram – have you discovered its joys yet?

Take a look at my latest posts – and why not join in? Click on any image for the full post – I’d love to know what you think!



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