What is the difference between a Typeface and a Font?

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There is some confusion out there about the difference between Typeface and Font. What’s the difference? Does it matter? To answer 1: the definitions have changed somewhat since the evolution from mechanical printing to word processing, but they do still have different roles. The Typeface is the design – how wide the letters are, how… Read more »

In praise of WordPress

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Just imagine that you want a Beautiful Website – maybe to sell your services, maybe to display your products or maybe just to tell the world a little bit more about yourself. A Website Designer makes you a Beautiful Website. You want as many people as possible to see your Beautiful Website. But if you… Read more »

First, I’d like to thank…

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I tell my clients that keeping website content up-to-date with regular blogs is the best step they can take to improve their Google rankings (other search engines are available). Yet I have not joined the blogosphere. Till now. It seems only right that my first blog is a Thank You, after a quick diversion. Whilst… Read more »