Top Tips for a Christmas-y Website

7 Top Tips for a Christmas-y Website graphic

Need some inspiration for your Christmas-y website? You’ve come to the perfect place!

Website updating is an ongoing task – and definitely not just for Christmas. But updating it with a Christmas-y effect is easy and fun. Here’s how.

1 Falling Snow

Who doesn’t love snow? And when you can enjoy it in the warmth of your home, it’s even better. This Snow Flurry PlugIn is a really simple way of adding a Christmas-y effect to your website.

2 Update your Logo

Green Ginger Design bauble logo for Christmas-y website blog

Have fun with your logo and add in some Christmas-y flavour. Canva has brilliant options for adding little twists. I’ve made my Green Ginger Design logo into baubles.  Mine is really easy to update, but you can always just add a sprig of holly or a snowflake. If you want help some Christmas oomph to your Logo, get in touch.

3 Add a Christmas Landing Page

Christmas landing page graphic for Christmas-y website blog

If your specialise in gifts, or are running a special Christmas promotion, add a dedicated Landing Page to your website, where you can showcase everything on offer.

4 Add new Categories

Categories graphic for Christmas-y website blog

Help your customer by adding special categories that relate to Christmas:

  • rename one of your price brackets to “Stocking Fillers”;
  • add in different age groups – guide an uncle or aunt towards the appropriate age group for their nieces and nephews!
  • pick out items that will be particularly useful over the Christmas festivities, like nightlights or nibbles

The more you show your customer love on your website, the more your customer will show you their love too.

5 Add a Gift Wrap option

Gift wrap graphic for Christmas-y website blog

Time is at a premium in the run up to Christmas. If you run an eCommerce website, why not offer special seasonal Gift Wrapping? I can’t think of a better Christmas-y gift than presents I buy arriving beautifully gift wrapped. And if you’re feeling really generous, offer it for free!

6 Make Checkout as easy as possible

Categories graphic for Christmas-y website blog

Make your customers’ lives easy! Ditch the “Sign-In” – make it an optional extra, not a pre-condition of buying your products.  This blog gives further insight into consumer behaviour at the checkout. And as a consumer, as well as a website designer, I couldn’t agree with this expert advice more.

7 Extend your Returns Policy

Returns graphic for Christmas-y website blog

Give your customers some Christmasy good cheer that extends right into 2018 and extend your Returns Policy into the New Year. Your customers can then buy your products, safe in the knowledge that, if that gorgeous jumper that you know will suit your niece perfectly isn’t really up her street after all, it can be returned easily.

What extras are you adding to make your Christmas-y website?

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