Top tips for taking website photos

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A strong trend in websites for 2017 is authenticity. This applies as much to website photos as to content. It’s your brand, your product, your service – if you take your own photos, your personality will come through. And as smartphones become more sophisticated, so does your opportunity to take your own website photos, without having… Read more »

Favourite 5 (+ 1) Websites of 2017 – so far…

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What are my favourite websites right now? Not for me websites full of tricks that take seconds to load. I love clean design, with space on the site for the content to breathe.   I have used most of these sites many times. They are my favourite websites because I know that they not only look beautiful… Read more »

10 Tips for filling in a Design Brief

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The first step towards a new website is to complete a Design Brief – have a look at ours here. It’s not just how a website looks that is important for a Design Brief. These are things to consider before you start filling it in – some obvious, some less so. This is probably the only time a designer… Read more »

How to Use Photography for Websites

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Photography brings any website to life. Whether it is a background image that is revealed as you scroll down the page, or a banner image that introduces the brand to the visitor, choose your images carefully. The origin of the phrase “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” is disputed (maybe Tess Flanders in… Read more »

Favourite 5 Image Editing Tools

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Images are a great way of creating an immediate impact on your blog, website, or twitter feed. Images with text are even better. This is where the new generation of image editing tools comes in. Gone are the days when Photoshop was the go-to photo editing tool. Photoshop still has amazing powers, but it takes… Read more »

What is a Hosting Company? Web jargon explained

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A Hosting Company, or Host, enables you – whether an individual or a company – to put your website on the web. To do this, a Hosting Company rents space on their server for your files to be stored. The Host then provides an IP address for your domain name (check out this blog to explain what a domain… Read more »

What is a Domain Name? Website jargon explained

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At Green Ginger Design, we want to make all aspects of websites and website design as jargon-free as possible. And we explain what common web terms are.  A domain name is the name of your website’s address. The Internet’s Domain Name System, or DNS, lets users refer to a website by a name, rather than the… Read more »

Favourite 5 Website Content Tools

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You want a website. Great idea! You might even have a design for your website (if not, feel free to fill in our Design Brief – we’d be only too happy to help…). Now you need website content. So here are some useful tools to get you started. 1 Photos This is often the starting… Read more »

5 Favourite Colour Inspiration Tools

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Struggling to find the right colour scheme for your website? Here are five great sites for colour inspiration. 1 Color Lisa If you love wandering around art galleries, this is the website to provide colour inspiration for you. Made by Ryan McGuire, it is a curated list of colours used by the world’s great artists… Read more »

Choosing website colours

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Website colours matter for 4 reasons: Psychologically – certain colours have strong associations, although beware stereotypes. Pink for girls and blue for boys is sexist and outdated – so try to think beyond the stereotypes. Accessibility – contrast is important in making text readable for anyone with sight issues. Black and white might seem like… Read more »