Penny Badowska

Architect by training, website designer and coder by choice.

I design and code every website by Green Ginger Design.

Designer? Coder?

I am, first and foremost, a designer.  I trained as an architect – you can see my designs, including an award-winning eco-house, here.  I know how to create clear solutions to complex problems, and am used to working with clients and bringing in a project on time and on budget.  I also worked as a book editor for several years, so understand the importance of language and layout.

I am a coder, too.  Not only can I decide what a website looks like, I can make it behave how I want it to as well.  Like many website designers, I am self-taught.  Rarely a day goes by when I don’t learn some new tip or trick.

I am also here to help you navigate the whole website journey. Having come to website design relatively recently, I can understand how confusing it can be to anyone trying to get to grips with language like SEO, CMS, UX – language bandied around without much explanation.  I am happy to explain all stages in the website process, from the first design through to the live site and how to update your site.  Please just ask!

General enquiries:


07968 196454

Photography: Katie Vandyck, 100Designs